Prop Manager

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Nebula Designs - Prop Manager 

The ultimate system to spawn and manage props on your server. Can be used with Police, EMS, Mechanics or even just to spawn chairs to sit on. All props are networked so are able to be picked up via anyone you have set in the config.lua 

- QBCore

Simply add the props you want to use to your server as items (database or in the items.lua depending on your inventory system). Then setup the config to match your item name and insert the prop you would like to spawn (you also need to setup your bone and rotations for moving said prop as well as any job restrictions you might like). Then in game place the prop you would like to place down. Use the target eye to target the script and pick it up / move it. 

- PolyZone:
- qtarget: 

Video Demonstration:
- (Pre-v2 release)

Nebula_PropManager v2.0 Release

Change Log

  • Added in placement controls so you can have better control over where exactly the prop is placed. (added in 'quickPlace' option to drop prop in front of you instead). Note: This won't work on movement, only on initial placement. 
  • Removed nebula_props database saves. Converted to json file save instead. There is a convert.lua (uncomment from fxmanifest), start script, enter command 'prop_convert' in server console, restart the script. You can delete the convert.lua after if you so choose. 
  • Added option to trigger events on props instead of just pickup, and move. 
  • Added option to 'ignoreTarget' so another script can handle the target registration. Use 'Config.BackupRemove' command to delete a prop if you don't have target registered. 
  • Added progressbar option for props. Now you can have a timed prop placement, and change the default animation. (editable progressbar option in client/framework.lua) 
  • Added 'zOffset' option for props that have odd hitboxes, and don't place on ground properly. 
  • Added in 'groundPlace' option as a alternative to 'zOffset' for props that like to float even when they don't in preview. 
  • Added CanCarryItem check for ESX users (Config.CanCarryItemCheck, editable in server/framework.lua for your specific server inventory)(QB does this by default). 
  • Added option to disable specific props from using the 'move' option, only allowing it to be picked up. 
  • Added discord logging options via webhooks for placing, picking up, and moving props. 
  • Fixed issue with props not always able to be picked up that were saved to database. 
  • Fixed issue with pick-up non-menu spawned items not giving item back after server restart. 
  • Fixed an issue with zones not always removing properly after prop is picked up.

Files Updated
ALL (Config.Props is mostly backwards compatible (change 'dbsave' to 'filesave' config option). Make sure to only copy over the props config, but remember to read all the new options that are listed in the first prop config. Still update to the latest config.lua file.)